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Primary Schools
“Our Place Our Environment” – Bugs, Bugs & More Bugs

Children of all ages love bugs, whether they are slimy or not!  Stick insects, spiders, caterpillars, beetles and even cockroaches!

What kind of insect have we made?  Is it a beetle?  Is it a caterpillar?

Show students how MINIBEASTS (insects and other invertebrates) living in our environment are important.  Where they live, how they feed and how they grow are some of the aspects covered.  There are many different kinds (biodiversity) of insects that can even be found in our own back yards and yes some can be a pest (carry disease) there are a few spiders that are dangerous.

Presentation: Part 1 (Kindergarten to Stage 1)
The presentation engages the students by showing a range of live insects and spiders with the opportunity to observe closely (hands on experience).  Students are familiarized with insect body parts in safe surroundings, showing them how they relate to our environment and to other living creatures.

Do you know this insect?  Its a Giant Green Stick Insect

Presentation: Part 2 (Stages 2 & 3)
Collect and identify insects and spiders safely, looking at differences in bodies and/or mouth parts.  Students work in small groups collecting insects that we identify and then release back into our environment, their home.

Without insects, spiders and many other invertebrate animals we would have no flowers, no food, and no plants!  Looking after “Our Place Our Environment” (our bug biodiversity), we will have a healthy and clean environment for us and for all living creatures.

Students get up close and personal with the bugs whether the bug show is outdoors or inside

If you would like to book any of the above presentations or would like more information about customising a presentation for your school, please contact Stephen.

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