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The children sit in a semicircle where we show them posters, live insects and spiders with role play of insect body parts and a spider chasing a beetle. Containers with the live bugs are passed around (it is safe for them to hold the containers if they wish).  Then to finish I bring around larger and bigger bugs for the students to view.

How Things Change - Bug Man 20 Years Ago

There is also an option for the group to look for bugs in the school’s garden.  There is no collecting for this age group.  We identify the insects and spiders with the emphasis on safety.  We tell the children “We don't touch any spiders with our fingers but if we see them we are to tell an adult”.

Bug Man Showing Rosie The Giant Green Stick Insect

The majority of work done by Insektus is for preschools so it is therefore advisable to book as early as possible. 
Below are some questions given to us while we were at Noah’s Ark Pre-school in manly a few years ago.

Connie Q1. Do Insects have bones?
A1. Yes they do, but their "bones" or hard parts are on the outside of their body, called an Exoskeleton.

Zoe Q2. Do ants have eyebrows?
A1. While some hairs on an insect’s head or antennae may look like eyebrows, insects do not have them.

Eliza Q1. How many wings do bees have?
A1. Four (4).  Most insects that have wings will have four (4).  True flies like mosquitoes, robber flies, March flies, house and blow flies will only have two (2) wings.

I hope this answers your questions.  If you or anyone else has any more questions please email them to me because if you send snail mail the snails may get squashed.


Insect Posters and Showing Children A Desert Scropion

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