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Spider Phobia Program

Spider Phobia Program “KNOW YOUR FEAR”

Warning: This page may contain photographs of spiders

Arachnophobia = the fear of spiders

Phobias are real and can affect any one of us! To combat these fears in a friendly and supportive environment, the program developed by Mr. Stephen J. Fellenberg “KNOW YOUR FEAR” will allow you to better understand not only what is happening to you but will also familiarise you with the world of spiders.

Don’t let your fears rule your life! Face your fears, meet them head on. A challenge that may be confronting and at times uncomfortable is in the end very rewarding.  A situation may arise that may depend on you but your phobia stops you in your tracks.  Learn to overcome the anxiety that may be life threatening to you or your family.

If I tell you that there are only two species of spider in Australia that can possibly kill you, to a person with a phobia of spiders this will make no difference to their level of fear.  If I tell you that you are more likely to be hit by a car than bitten by a spider, to a person with a phobia of spiders this will make no difference to their level of fear either.  If a loved one was in need of your help, which of these outcomes would be the best?  You overcame your fear and helped?  Or your fear overpowered you and you froze?

Knowledge, knowledge, knowledge!  If the marketing mantra is location, location, location, then the basis of combating your fear of spiders is knowledge.  This is a matter of increasing your knowledge of the thing you are afraid of.  Knowing about spiders, their habitat and their morphology (shape) and behaviour is key to reducing your fear.

A professional, caring team will be on hand to guide you through the program while you are learning methods to help better know your fear and know why you feel the way you do.  Our team will help you discover a world you never knew existed before in the wonderful world of spiders.  The way they look, what they do and much more.  This will allow you (and your loved ones) to have a better quality of life.

Entomologist Stephen J. Fellenberg, AKA Bug Man, will guide you through the program.  After the program you will be very proud to have faced your fear head on.  You will be rewarded not in money or a new car; but in achieving something that other people may not fully understand.  What you will gain is something that you may not be able to explain.   You, your friends and your family will be proud of you and you will achieve a feeling of success, increased self esteem and confidence.

Cured?  Just by doing a few hours can I be cured?  It will depend on your level of phobia and your commitment to helping yourself.  Once the program is over you will leave with a whole web of knowledge about yourself, spiders and the environment.  You will be given a range of exercises to help with anxiety and information on spiders to help combat your fear.  It may take a few hours for one person but weeks or months for another.  This is completely normal.

I wish you every success in the program.  I look forward to seeing and meeting you.  Please fill out the application and survey form to enrol in “KNOW YOUR FEAR”. Please email to

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